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We Recognize Our Elder and Our Heros

"Moving Understood"

No Stress Quick Efficient Movers

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Making Your Move Quick, Efficient & Affordable 



Providing a quick, efficient and affordable moving experience in Georgia and Tennessee.


We Recognize Our Elders and Our Heroes

Wrapped-In-Bubble will always provide the best solution to make moving affordable for the wisest and courageous.


What We Offer


Local Moving

Long Distance Moving


Specialty Items

Packing & Unpacking


"Moving Understood"

 We say "Moving Understood" because we have been in your shoes. Planning can be chaotic, and some things might not go as planned. At Wrapped-In-Bubble, our aim to take the chaos and anxiety out of your move while also keeping it affordable. 

Specialty Items

Over 12 Years Experiance

Full Value Insurance

97% Referral Rate

What People Are Saying

Louis is a phenomenal guy. He’s down to earth. He’s professional. He’s a joy to work with. He understands that moving is a pain and does what he can to lift the burden off you…see what I did there? 😜…In all seriousness, if you need movers who will take care of your possessions and make you feel at ease, Wrapped In Bubble is the company to call. They moved our stuff to storage and told us it would be best to pay the additional fee for blankets for protection of our goods. I was a little skeptical but when I saw how they placed the items in storage I was glad we used the blankets. It was worth the price. The storage was filled from back to front and up to the ceiling. Because our stuff was protected they could stack it better without having to worry about damaging anything. That stuff is staying put for my son when he goes to college. Louis’s team then packed the remainder of our stuff, along with our car and safely brought it cross country to us. The guys had to get the stuff up 2 flights of stairs and they still took care of everything they brought in. I tipped these guys big because it would have taken me a week to do what they did in a few hours. I’m telling you, Wrapped In Bubble is who you want to use for all your moving needs, in town or cross country. Great people to work with. I had ZERO complaints. I will call them again when it’s time to get the stuff out of storage when my son goes to college. Louis even said he would buy the blankets back so I’m not stuck with a bunch of moving blankets I don’t need. This is the only moving company you need to call. Great service at a great price. Wrapped In Bubble!!

James Thomas

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